How The Crypto Community Rallied Around Israel In Her Darkest Hour

In the sober light of Sunday morning, following the nightmarish events that unfolded in the heart of Israel, a nation awoke with a broken heart. However, it wasn’t long before the entire Israel shifted into war footing, with a resolve stronger than the iron in its buildings and the concrete in its bunkers. It wasn’t just any resolve. It was a determination born from a proud nation fighting for its survival. 

This wasn’t the first time adversity had struck, but the people of Israel rallied like never before. The Israeli civil society mobilized at breakneck speed to aid the victims of this horrific attack, and strengthen the national resolve, and the crypto community was no different. Israel, a country that has given rise to some of the trailblazers in the blockchain industry, soon had some of the best and brightest industry veterans spearheading a donation and awareness campaign for the crypto community. 

By noon on that fateful Sunday, under the banner of what soon became known as CryptoAidIsrael, pioneers and leaders in the crypto space gathered for an urgent meeting. Ben Samocha and Tal Mor, CEO and COO at CryptoJungle, steered this spontaneous yet robust assembly. Their leadership wasn’t one that commanded; it connected, weaving a tapestry of solidarity from across the Israeli blockchain landscape. 

As the hours passed, it became evident that the horror unleashed was not just an attack; it was a scar on the very fabric of peace. But as the scope of the tragedy unfurled, so did our team’s size and determination. Studio42, accompanied by the talented French designer Yaelle Cannams, crafted a website for our mission in record time, a testament to the urgency and the skill that thrummed through our ranks.

The momentum was unstoppable. BitsofGold and Nilos joined the fray, bridging the critical path between cryptocurrency and fiat, ensuring fluid, uncompromised support for the victims and their families. The legal landscapes, often a labyrinth in such hurried circumstances, were navigated with precision and dedication by Yitzy and Shmuel from DLT Law Partners.

Our resources were formidable, but what we handled was delicate – the trust and contributions of people. Fireblocks, a beacon of Israeli innovation, presented the solution with secure vaults for our swelling funds, safeguarding not just digital assets but hope, while Ironblocks advised on proper smart contract security procedures. 

The synergy was palpable. provided the sharp analytics, MarketAcross ensured our mission echoed across the media spectrum, and soon, our Telegram group became a bustling command center. Thought-leaders and key players from Decrypt, ZenGo, Fuse, Orbs, Coti, and more, strategized, offered insights, and even more crucially, shared encouragement.

But our mission evolved; it wasn’t just about aid anymore. It was about justice and defense. Our concerted efforts pivoted to tracking and freezing Hamas’ crypto wallets, choking off the financial lifelines that fed chaos and destruction. This wasn’t retribution; it was accountability.

Within a week, CryptoAidIsrael didn’t just stand; it soared. With $170,000 pooled for relief efforts and a significant blow dealt to Hamas’ funding, we had sent a message resounding beyond the blockchain battles – Israel was not just surviving; it was thriving.

Our origins were as spontaneous as they were heartfelt. We are more than a fundraiser. We are a testament to Israeli resilience, the power of unity, and the unwavering belief in peace. We are guardians in a new era of defense, leveraging technology to protect and heal.

This isn’t a campaign that will fade into the echoes of hashtags and news cycles. We are here, steadfast, a silent guardian woven into the indomitable spirit of Israel.

let’s get aid to the victims that need it the most #CryptoAidISrael