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  • Rebuilding
    the south of israel
  • Aid for the families
    of the killed and captured
  • Aid for the families of soldiers and first responders
We are a collective of local leaders in the crypto space, volunteering together to establish crypto aid israel due to the ongoing war and an urgent need to support israeli victims and their families.
Our goal is to raise desperately needed funds for displaced & affected citizens whose unbearable situation demands humanitarian aid. donate now

Over 9,000 rockets were fired at Israel on October 7 alone, killing civilians and causing massive damage to homes and properties. 

Hundreds of Hamas terrorists have infiltrated over twenty communities along the border of the Gaza Strip to unleash a deadly assault the likes of which we have not seen for ever.

At least 1000 Israeli citizens have been murdered and over 2,000 are wounded, according to medical officials.

Many more Israelis, including entire families with mothers, small children and grandparents, have been kidnapped and dragged into Gaza as hostages.Crypto Aid Israel will host a multisig wallet to collect donations in over a dozen forms of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and more to help anyone affected by this tragedy.  This wallet will be entrusted to respected members of the local community and operated with full transparency.


Crypto Aid Israel works with full transparency and would like to help you receive all information necessary to make your donations safely and with knowledge.

Therefore, we created the following list of Q&A hoping to make your decision easier. Nevertheless, if you still aren’t sure or have more questions, feel free to contact us at: [email protected] or leave your contact information here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Who is behind this campaign?
    This is an Israeli national initiative. We have a committee of industry leaders from Fireblocks, MarketAcross, Collider Ventures, CryptoJungle, Ironblocks, Efficient Frontier, Nilos, Bits of Gold, Allspot, Zengo, Israeli Blockchain Association and more. A leading bank in Israel is safeguarding & distribution of funds to charities.
  • How will the funds raised by Crypto Aid Israel be utilized?

    100% of the funds raised will provide essential humanitarian aid for victims of recent attacks by Hamas on Israel, and to help them rebuild their lives during these challenging times, following the horrendous acts of terror that have deeply affected them. This includes residents of the south who were affected by recent attacks by Hamas, the families of victims/missing persons and the families of soldiers and militiamen.

    The organization staff is made up of more than 300 volunteers, NONE of the funding goes to administration or management. Lastly, the companies supporting the custody & offramp are working pro bono and removing all typical fees.

  • What are our goals?

    The funds raised by Crypto Aid Israel will be carefully allocated to provide comprehensive support directly to Israeli citizens who have been profoundly affected by the war. This support will encompass various critical areas, including:

    • Financial Relief: Direct financial assistance to individuals and families who have suffered economic hardships as a result of the war. This aid can help cover essential expenses such as housing, food, and basic necessities.
    • Medical Care: Ensuring access to necessary medical treatment and healthcare services for those injured or in need of medical attention due to the war.
    • Housing Rehabilitation: Assisting those who have lost their homes or experienced damage to their properties by facilitating housing rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts.
    • Community Rebuilding: Initiating projects to rebuild affected communities and promote resilience, fostering a sense of unity and recovery among those impacted by the war.

    These funds will be managed with utmost transparency and accountability, ensuring that they are used effectively to help Israeli citizens rebuild their lives and communities in the aftermath of the war. Our finance committee will convene daily and in the spirit of our on-chain ethos, we will provide daily transparency reports to the community.

  • How can I make a donation?

    For donations under 10,000 EUR equivalent: you can easily donate via the Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks. You can donate on ERC20 Ethereum with USDT, USDC and other ERC20 tokens. This also includes the Base network. We will be building support for additional networks and tokens in the future. Please ensure you only send funds on the matching network.

    For donations over 10,000 EUR equivalent: we will require you to go through a short KYC process to comply with local regulations. We will help you through this process. You may reach us already at: [email protected] .

    Note that additional networks will become available in the near future such as Solana, Tron, BSC, Optimism and Aribtrum. Do not send on those networks until it has been confirmed.

    We are also looking to add fiat options for those wanting to donate fiat.

    Funds are non-refundable.

  • Why are we raising funds through cryptocurrencies?

    There are many Israel and human rights supporters who wish to donate but lack the capability to do so in a direct fashion. Crypto allows us to do so easily as it is global, secure and easy to access. Donating through cryptocurrencies provides a level of transparency, traceability and safety that fiat currency simply cannot match. This way we can provide as much value as we can to Israeli families who are suffering.

  • What else can I do to help?

    You can help by raising awareness both for the campaign itself and the awful acts of Hamas against Israel. Your support is everything and we appreciate anything you can do. Please keep us in your prayers.

  • How is the crypto being kept secure?

    We are working with multiple industry leaders such as Fireblocks, Ironblocks and Nilos to custody & secure the crypto. This ensures best practices of MPC & Multisig from respected industry leaders. Leading banks and government agencies are assisting in the safe passage of funds to Israeli bank accounts. We currently have a BIG 4 Auditing Firm reviewing the process and will provide supervision to project.

  • How do we vet families and individuals who apply for aid?

    In order to vet families and individuals who apply for help we have established a support group that will conduct the verification process.

  • What is the Crypto Aid Israel Legal entity?

    The Israeli nonprofit organization is called Blockchain B7. The organization is regularly audited by its accountants and financial reports are submitted to the official nonprofits registry on an annual basis. For official documentation, please contact [email protected]

let’s get aid to the victims that need it the most #CryptoAidISrael

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